Deepwatch Dive Podcast – Episode 1

By Jake Hearin

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Introducing the Deepwatch Dive Podcast!

Listen to the Deepwatch Dive Podcast! Deepwatch delivers analytics-driven managed security services by extending customers’ cybersecurity teams. Learn best-practices, benefit from industry expertise, and capture unique cybersecurity insights from our analysts and thought leaders.

The Deepwatch Dive Podcast is hosted by Jake Hearin.

About Jake Hearin

Jake is a podcaster, former radio host, and a passionate information security professional. As an Analyst at Deepwatch, he works to deliver excellent service and partners with customers to help them reach their security goals.

Jake graduated top of his class from SecureSet Academy, he holds a Security+ certification, and is currently pursuing OSCP.

Episode 1 – Interview with Deepwatch Analyst Matt Fay

In this episode, listen to how Deepwatch Security Analyst Matt Fay got his start in cybersecurity and how he secures customer networks at Deepwatch. Learn what he sees as the biggest challenges security analysts face in a typical day and how to mitigate them.

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About Matt Fay

Matt started in technology at the ripe age of 12 “frankensteining” old intel 486’s for his friends at school. After graduating high school, he continued to futz with technology, then he joined the US Navy. Over the course of the past seven years Matt has worked in various security related roles as an; analyst, threat intel analyst, and researcher, and Security engineer where he also managed a small offshore team. Since joining Deepwatch Matt has shown his abilities as a leader and mentor helping several of the newer analysts with growing their own potential within Deepwatch.


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