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Deepwatch Secure Score

Quantify Security Operations Maturity

Using your Score, you can take action and measure progress year over year.

Understand your SecOps maturity today, establish a baseline, and build a roadmap for continuous improvement with Deepwatch Secure Score.

Deepwatch Score

Measure Security Operations Efficacy

Gain visibility, eliminate blind spots, and compare your SecOps maturity against your peers with Deepwatch Secure Score, a patented methodology based on the industry's leading frameworks.

Deepwatch Secure Score Tells You:

How do I measure my SecOps efficacy?
How do I compare to my SecOps peers and my industry?
How do I report on SecOps maturity to leadership and the board?

Improve Your Deepwatch Score with Your Squad


Your SecOps Maturity journey begins with taking the Deepwatch Secure Score assessment.


Using industry standards and baseline information about your environment, your baseline Deepwatch Secure Score is established.


Use your Deepwatch Secure Score to collaborate with your Squad to prioritize critical data sources that drive insights and enable the right use cases to improve detection

Stop Threats

As your Deepwatch Secure Score improves over time, so does the visibility across your environment, reinforcing the synergy with your Squad as you stop threats together.