Deepwatch Continues Commitment to Next-Gen Security Operations with Cribl Partnership

The Deepwatch Platform

Security Center

The Deepwatch Security Center is here to help you achieve tangible outcomes and build cyber resilience.

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Deepwatch Security Center

Industry-leading security tools tuned to your unique environment.

The Deepwatch Security Center correlates security telemetry data from security tools across your environment to enable extended detection capabilities and precision response from Deepwatch managed security services. We see what you see, and help you tune security tools to your unique security posture.

Engagement Window

The engagement window facilitates strategic and tactical conversations between you and your Deepwatch Experts.

The engagement window enables strategic and tactical discussions with Deepwatch experts. Our comprehensive Deepwatch Security Center consolidates essential elements of our platform, including security data, risk profiles, detection coverage, threat intelligence, ticket management, metrics, and more.

With complete visibility, you can collaborate, detect, respond, and measure your security program with the same access and transparency as our experts, which fosters accountability, engagement, and proactive actions.

Insights and Recommendations

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Deep contextual awareness of your environment helps deliver precise, targeted recommendations and actionable next steps.

Three different ticketing and reporting views within the Deepwatch Security Center interface

Better Narratives

With increased visibility comes security wisdom.

The Deepwatch Security Center provides unparalleled visibility into your environment to help you create better narratives for both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Integrated with industry-leading ticketing and reporting systems, the Deepwatch Security Center sets the industry standard.

Views within the Deepwatch Security Center of log sources, MITRE Coverage and customer advisories that enable collaboration

Empowerment and Collaboration

Foster collaborative conversations between you and Deepwatch Experts.

This means you're not alone in this journey - you have a team of Deepwatch experts guiding you every step of the way.

Log source volume, top log sources by alerts and threat intel reports housed within the Deepwatch security center

Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven decision rooted in facts.

Deepwatch leverages environment data, service information, security activity, threat intelligence, and detection information. Every move we make is based on facts and tailored to your unique situation.

Deepwatch Security Index visuals to measure and guide security program growth

Deepwatch Security Index

View progress against industry peers and your unique goals.

Our patented Deepwatch Security Index is your compass to success. A visual representation of your growth journey, it showcases the concrete steps taken towards improved security. You'll see progress unfold in real time, giving you a clear picture of what is driving your security program forward.

Simplicity and Clarity

Communicate security effectiveness with clear, accessible language.

Less jargon, less confusion. More straightforward conversations that help you understand your security strategy and the impact it has on your business.

3D view of different actionable reports within the Deepwatch Security Center to measure and improve your security posture

Insights and Recommendations

We help you prioritize response and manage expectations.

Deepwatch experts use deep contextual awareness of your environment to deliver precise, targeted recommendations and actionable next steps for you to take to improve your security posture. Continuously measure strategic program insights to drive ongoing improvement in your security posture.

Deepwatch reports that display key metrics and KPIs aligned to desired security outcomes

Key Metrics and Reports

Metrics and KPIs measure progress toward your desired security outcomes.

Monitor key tactical and strategic metrics such as severity, aging, true positive rates, incident trending, detection effectiveness, and response times.

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