Jul 18, 2024


What is EXEC.SEC.CON.?

Join us at the inaugural EXEC.SEC.CON, where security executives can gain insights into emerging trends, share best practices, and collaboratively shape the future of cybersecurity. Brought to you by the same team behind HOU.SEC.CON. in partnership with security leaders Marc Crudgington and Kyle Lai, this conference expands on the traditional CxO Security track you see at HSC.

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Who should attend?

We’re excited to welcome security leaders from various sectors including CISO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, CRO’s, and Directors dedicated to leading their organizations in the face of emerging threats.

What topics will be covered?

The goal of EXEC.SEC.CON. is to offer a comprehensive range of topics to equip leaders in the field with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity. Sessions will delve into key areas such as cybersecurity strategy and governance, executive risk management, regulatory compliance, and legal considerations. Attendees will gain insights into incident response and crisis management, the latest in emerging technologies and trends, and effective supply chain security practices. The program will also address the importance of fostering a security-aware culture within organizations, leadership development in the cybersecurity domain, and the role of collaboration and information sharing in enhancing security measures. Privacy and data protection, cybersecurity budgeting, and ethical hacking will be explored, along with discussions on the global cybersecurity landscape, geopolitical considerations, and the international dimensions of cybersecurity leadership.

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