On-Demand Webinar | How Companies Address Top Security Challenges

Securing today’s distributed organization is difficult and costly. We’ve seen exponential growth in remote work across the globe – leading to data results in a greatly expanded attack surface and more exposure with the additional complexity of cloud and hybrid environments. In order to face these new realities, security leaders need to be able to rapidly identify, investigate, and resolve cyber threats.

Wes Mullins, CTO, Deepwatch and John Woods, Global CISO, RJ O’Brien have a discussion about the top security challenges and threats currently facing businesses. They discuss specific actions security leaders can take to address these challenges and mitigate threats.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Overcoming the cybersecurity skills gap
  • Managing the remote and hybrid workforce
  • Combatting increasing ransomware threats and application security vulnerabilities

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