Deepwatch Helps PJTC Holdings, Inc. Secure Critical Construction

Commercial, residential and heavy highway construction company chooses Deepwatch to help them manage and improve security efforts.

Deepwatch protects PJTC Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, PJ Dick Incorporated and Trumbull Corporation. They are one of the largest construction firms in the Mid-Atlantic region, building corporate headquarters, office complexes, hospitals, educational facilities, condominiums, and stadiums. They also perform heavy civil construction for bridges, highway projects, tunnels, excavation, locks and dams, well pad construction, and utilities.


The construction industry continues to be a primary target for threat actors, including well-resourced nation state actors. Challenges for PJTC include the growing complexity and volume of supply chain attacks, along with continuously evolving government requirements around security and reporting, companies like PJTC rely on Deepwatch to help them manage and improve their security effort.

An Extension of the PJTC Security Team

Deepwatch provides the customer with expert security coverage as a way to maintain the work-life balance of their in-house talent.

“While we have a number of people in our IT infrastructure, there are a limited number whose title is security. That’s where you guys fill the gap for us,” said Matt Lawson, Information Security Officer, PJTC Holdings. ”That allows us to focus on business-critical projects such as helping to grow the business. Deepwatch gives us breathing room, you guys are basically an extension of our team.”

Deepwatch Helps PJTC Holdings, Inc Protect Critical Construction

Heavy construction such as highways and bridges pose unique challenges. PJTC Holdings, Inc. must work with many vendors and regulators to successfully deliver construction projects critical to the communities in which they are built. PJTC Holdings, Inc. chose Deepwatch after a rigorous, third-party RFP process to ensure the best MDR provider.

“I’ve been here almost 20 years and I started when it was the original company. We do commercial, residential and heavy construction. Trumbull constructs huge highway expanses, across rivers, lakes, and valleys. We built many large beautiful skyscrapers in Pittsburgh and we helped build the PPG Paints arena where the Penguins play,” Lawson said. “PJ Dick builds power plants and critical infrastructure, as well as prisons and military facilities. So we’re not necessarily running those facilities, but, we’re an important piece of the puzzle. You never know when a state actor might attack us to get closer to those customers. You have to be realistic, that could be an avenue they might take early on.”

Problem Analysis

Deepwatch extends PJTC’s security team with a dedicated squad of security professionals including analysts and engineers who understand and work within their environment.

“At the end of the day, our company wanted a security partner that was an expert at all aspects of detection and response. We’re not likely to have a traditional SOC here. We’re never going to have the size of security team we need. That’s where you guys fill the gap. Deepwatch lets us focus on business-related risk, leaving us to work on helping grow the business as we build out other projects. There was a time that I was consumed by security concerns 24/7. Deepwatch gives us breathing room, so we can do other stuff and keep contributing in good ways that are part of the reason I’m there. Right? So, I mean, you guys are basically an extension of our team and you fill that gap.”

Deepwatch Solutions

Human-led, Expert Coverage that Understands the Construction Industry. Deepwatch provides 24/7/356 human, US-based coverage as an extension of your security team. A dedicated Deepwatch squad, including analysts and detection engineers with deep security tool expertise, help SecOps teams focus on security outcomes unique to their environment. Along with improved detection through machine learning and active threat hunting, Deepwatch extends response capability speed, expertise, and coverage.

Core Deepwatch Solutions for PJTC Holdings

  • 24/7/365 human, US-based coverage for real time response
  • Managed Detection and Response through dedicated Squads
  • Splunk expertise collaboration and integration
  • Deepwatch Adversary Threat Intelligence (ATI) integration and active threat hunters

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