Cloud SecOps Platform

The ever expanding cybersecurity threat landscape demands more of your team’s cybersecurity operations, and results in less focus on the strategic mission of your business. We founded deepwatch to be a true extension of your security operations team, with a world class SecOps platform as the backbone of our service delivery strategy. Bringing the power of our deepwatch practitioners and leveraging our game changing Cloud SecOps Platform to help your business do what it does best – we’ll help you gain best of breed security tooling coverage by integrating leading technologies from partners like Okta, Splunk, Palo Alto, CrowdStrike, Tenable, ServiceNow and others so you and your team can concentrate on what matters most – running your business.

deepwatch-Cloud SecOps Platform

Deeper Insight. Faster Response.

Cyber threat actors, nation state sponsored hackers and other cybercriminals continue to evolve and expand their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). To ensure you stay ahead of the threat, we continuously evaluate, integrate and tune leading technologies into our Security Operations (SecOps) platform. As a result, we support your fast changing requirements and objectives. We manage the technologies, you take advantage of the results.

How it Works

Our cloud SecOps platform provides comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your organization’s security operations by seamlessly integrating industry leading and deepwatch proprietary technologies. We continuously evaluate the latest technologies, curating only the best solutions into our platform. Our customers know they are proactively protected with security best practices, 24×7 eyes on glass and rapid response to mitigate against active threats from around the world.

Real Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your security operations
  • Combination of industry leading technologies and deepwatch proprietary technologies
  • Continuously refined solutions
  • 24/7/365 real time monitoring
  • Rapid response and mitigation
deepwatch Cloud SecOps Real Benefits


The diagram below shows an overview of the technologies involved in providing our Managed Detection & Response service. The top row identifies “off the shelf” solutions utilized to provide parts of the solution, while the other rows indicate deepwatch’s intellectual property and modifications that help provide the value of the solution.

deepwatch-Cloud SecOps Platform-Technologies


Each of the “off the shelf” technologies
brings unique benefits:

Okta provides multifactor authentication and authorization to ensure only those personnel from both deepwatch and our customers have access to the sensitive information and systems that make up our services.

Splunk is the state of the art solution for normalizing logs and analyzing data from the widest variety of log sources, providing a robust platform for searching, correlation, and enrichment of log data.

Palo Alto is the premier solution for Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). The flexibility to interact with industry security solutions via API, and to perform repeatable tasks on behalf of analysts allows the value of each analyst to be multiplied.

Independent researchers, industry groups, and security companies continually identify new threats with new indicators of compromise (IOC). These resources are invaluable in uncovering incidents in an environment before tools have been updated to identify them or hardened against them. deepwatch curates over 150 different feeds to weed out the valuable threat intelligence, and ensure that your environment is being monitored for the latest security concerns.

Ticketing is at the heart of any managed security solution, driving communication, tracking incidents and engineering requests, and providing metrics about the performance of the solution.

Luminate works with Okta to ensure that authorized users are accessing only those systems and interfaces they are intended to, and monitoring their access as they do so. By replacing cumbersome VPN solutions of the past, this allows not only for simpler and more secure access to remote systems, but it also logs keystrokes for the people using it, ensuring that there is an audit trail for all changes, edits, and other activities within the environment.