Lens Score

CISO’s want and need to know how well they and their teams are doing in efforts to keep their organization safe from cyber attacks. Measurement, transparency and dashboards that provide metrics and insight into their SecOps Maturity are essential. Corrective actions and a clearly defined path to improve overall security posture is also important. Indexing and scoring maturity posture versus industry peers and versus enterprises overall also provides great insight.

We’ve created an exciting new capability to address these needs — deepwatch
Lens Score, a purpose-built web application for those who are accountable for measuring, monitoring, and improving their company’s SecOps Maturity.

Meet deepwatch Lens Score™.

At-a-glance visibility.
Concise recommendations.
Immediate results.

deepwatch Lens Score provides security leaders with an ongoing view into their security posture. deepwatch customers have immediate access to quickly understand and visualize log source collection, use case analytics enabled by deepwatch, and collection coverage with an all-encompassing Security Operations (SecOps) maturity score calculated by deepwatch’s patented Maturity Model. deepwatch Lens Score is available on all mobile devices and via web browser, and includes your Maturity Score benchmarked against your peers, recommendations for the most impactful actions to take next, customized views of log source and use case metrics, and much more. CISO’s can quickly take the pulse of their SecOps status by seeing trends and progress in the improvements in their Maturity Score, understand how they are doing, how they can improve, and what benefits will come from specific actions.

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how it works

How it Works

deepwatch Lens Score provides a customized view of each customer’s environment via log source collection, use case analytics, and collection coverage. By using deepwatch’s Maturity Model and information collected during customer on-boarding, deepwatch Lens Score:

  • Supports data source ingestion at enterprise scale
  • Provides visibility into ongoing attacks/threats and applies a holistic view of a customer’s environment
  • Enables broad threat coverage and visibility across multiple business units in enterprise environments
  • Provides guidance on deepwatch recommended best practices to improve collection, coverage, and overall Maturity Score
  • Shows your SecOps Maturity Score compared to your selected industry peers, where it is trending, and even how you compare to enterprises overall

Are you ready to understand your security posture and plan improvements in your defense capabilities — all in the palm of your hand?

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