deepwatch MOBILE™

Manage Your Security Operations Center From Anywhere

Stay connected 24/7 to your deepwatch Security Operations Center, anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device.

With deepwatch MOBILE, you can interact with your named Squad, get insights and threat intel, manage tickets, and monitor your security program’s Maturity Score – with a few taps on your mobile phone.


deepwatch MOBILE gives you the answers you need to know fast.

  • How Effective Is My SOC?
  • How Do I Compare to My Peers?
  • What One Thing Should I Do Next?
deepwatch-Splunk Users-Flexibility

Real-Time SOC Visibility

Stay connected with your deepwatch named Squad and Security Operations Center.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Threat Intelligence

Actionable Insights
with Threat Intel

Receive urgent insights and relevant threat intelligence around the clock

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Custom Use Cases

Measurable Outcomes

See recommended next steps and measure success with deepwatch SCORE.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Certified Engineers

Security Operations Maturity Model

Understand your Security Program’s maturity and improve your SCORE.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-24 7

Ticket and Incident Tracking

Monitor incident status and ticket flow 24/7/365.

deepwatch-Splunk Users-Customizable

Data Sources

Identify data sources to improve SecOps effectiveness

deepwatch mobile-Manage Your Security Operations Center from Anywhere

deepwatch MOBILE: Instantly Monitor Your MDR + SOC

With real-time views of ticket tracking, log source collection, use case analytics, threat intel, and more. deepwatch MOBILE gives on-the-go Security Professionals real-time visibility, actionable insights, and measurable results they can use anywhere, anytime to improve Security Operations.

Find out how deepwatch MDR can help you strengthen your Security Operations.

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deepwatch MDR + MOBILE

deepwatch mobile Vitals
deepwatch’s award-winning, recognized 24/7/365 MDR Services, now with a powerful mobile app for instant access, give CISOs a dedicated team of Cloud Security Experts, a robust SecOps platform, and deepwatch MOBILE for MDR.

See Your MDR Investment at Work

Work with Your Squad Anywhere, Anytime

Make Informed Decisions On-The-Go

Improve Metrics and Measure Success

Track Strategic Security Outcomes

And More