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Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with Managed Detection and Response

Staffing shortages in cybersecurity are placing businesses and security operations in jeopardy. This combined with the massive shift to hybrid and remote work, the on-going malicious infiltration of businesses by cybercriminals leveraging a constant influx of high-risk vulnerabilities, and rampant ransomware, has left IT and InfoSec teams understaffed to manage critical daily tasks required for 24/7365 security operations.

3 Ways Threat Hunting Improves Security Operations

While there are numerous ways Threat Hunting can improve security operations, there are three important benefits worth highlighting for those considering adding Threat Hunting to their security operations or looking to justify the expansion of their existing Threat Hunting functions.

Selecting the Right Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Provider

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is changing the way businesses address their security risks, and the move to MDR is projected to continue for years to come. The tipping point on the long-predicted shift, according to Gartner Research, comes in 2025, when over 50% of organizations will have adopted some level of MDR service for 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, and incident response.

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