Threat Hunting

Threats don’t stand still and your security shouldn’t either. You need the ability to proactively go after threats before they get too close to your organization. Our data driven threat hunting capabilities identify the most sophisticated adversaries, enabling us to take immediate action when it matters most. Find out how we’re delivering the next generation of threat hunting.

deepwatch-Threat Hunting

Stay One Step Ahead

Threat actors share Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) at a rapid rate. Keeping up with their threat campaigns can be extremely time consuming. We don’t just focus on reactive network defense and post incident remediation. Each deepwatch Squad includes a highly trained Threat Hunter whose sole role is to proactively hunt for gaps in the customers’ security posture and determine if a threat actor has breached their network. This way, we stay ahead of threats to our customer’s networks and are able to detect and remediate advanced threats.

How it Works

deepwatch Threat Hunters collaborate across customer environments to help each other learn, grow, and build detailed threat hunt reports that can support the detection and remediation of incidents across multiple customer environments. The deepwatch Threat Hunting process is iterative and continuous. Threat actors don’t stop coming, so we don’t ever stop hunting.

Our Threat Hunters have four primary objectives:

  • Identify solid and actionable evidence that indicates the presence of residual activity of attackers within a network or computing environment
  • Assess existing monitoring controls and identify gaps in the customer’s security infrastructure
  • Improve the customer’s prevention and detection coverage
  • Provide timely and actionable threat response advice for the customer to act on
deepwatch Threat Hunting How It Works