Cloud SecOps Platform

Threats don’t get easier, as the state of cybersecurity is increasingly complex every day. deepwatch continuously evaluates, integrates, and tunes leading technologies into our platform to ensure our ability to support your fast-changing requirements. We manage these technologies, and you consume the results.

The Threat Landscape is Evolving

Security teams are overwhelmed defending against an unmanageable daily volume of complex and evolving threats.

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  • Talent Shortage

    KPMG’s annual CIO survey found that 65% of CIOs say that the IT talent shortage is hurting the industry. Talent shortages have peaked to levels unseen since 2008. deepwatch isn’t constrained by the traditional boundaries of hiring talent in a specific zip code. Most companies are outsourcing security roles to combat the growing difficulties of finding and hiring IT professionals in and around their regional offices. deepwatch's footprint allows us to hire the best talent regardless of where they live within the continental U.S.

    Endless Threats

    Mitre’s CVE database shows the sharply increasing vulnerabilities discovered year over year. Growing from less than 5,000 in 2010 to an astounding 16,555 in 2018. These vulnerabilities attract threat actors who capitalize on their existence. Stay ahead of the threat curve with deepwatch Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond enabled by the industry's best Analysts, Engineers and Threat Hunters supported by an innovative cloud SecOps Platform.

    Complex and Evolving Threats

    Verizon’s annual threat report for 2018 revealed that there were 53,308 security incidents and 2,216 data breaches across 65 countries from 67 contributors. These numbers continue to increase year over year and the complexity of attacks rises as well. One of the first steps you can take in protecting your organization is to gain visibility. deepwatch's solutions are designed to provide this real-time insights while alerting you to incidents and providing industry-leading response capabilities to contain and eradicate threats.

    Our Platform

    deepwatch's cloud SecOps platform provides comprehensive coverage for every aspect of your organization’s security operations by seamlessly integrate industry-leading and deepwatch proprietary technologies. We continuously evaluate the latest technologies, curating only the best solutions into our platform.

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