Top 7 Reasons to Require Cybersecurity Training for Employees


The weakest link in your security defenses could very well be one of your well-meaning coworkers. That’s why cybersecurity training for employees on security awareness is your secret weapon to safeguarding your cyber defenses.

Here are the top reasons why cybersecurity training for employees is mission-critical in protecting your business:       

1.  Weakest links  

Your employees are your greatest asset but, they are also possibly a big security risk as well. It only takes one mistake in the form of a click to break down your cybersecurity defenses. According to a CybSafe analysis of data from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), human error was the cause of approximately 90 percent of data breaches in 2019. This is up from 61% and 87% the previous two years. Making sure that doesn’t unintentionally happen is vital. 

Working to educate your team and creating visibility into your vulnerabilities strengthens this first line of defense. Ongoing and collaborative cybersecurity training for employees is the first and most important step to take when protecting your business. Creating best practices around solid policies and procedures helps to ensure digital safety for everyone. 

2. Minimizing the threat starts before onboarding

Even before day one, cybersecurity should be a part of the onboarding process for new hires. It is important for your team to understand that cybersecurity and the digital protection of the company is top of mind and a top priority. Making sure that your new hires know the ins and outs of basic cybersecurity practices should be required before they’re allowed to access any assets or internal networks. 

Working with your Employer’s Security training team to set up cybersecurity training for employees reinforces the importance of company security and sets the stage for ongoing training and an open and communicative work environment. 

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3. It’s never too late to get started

If you haven’t started cybersecurity training for your employees yet, it is not too late. Group-focused and one-on-one training can occur at any point in the employee lifecycle. The important thing is that you have training in place; starting early just means less time for errors to be made. Plus, with threats and risks constantly evolving, your training should be too. Even if you currently have cybersecurity training in place, if it’s not up-to-date, what good is it?

4. Communication and culture

Training your employees on cybersecurity best practices helps to create a culture of group awareness, responsibility and security. Training goes beyond strong passwords; it is about setting clear expectations for every single contributor and team to help prevent cyber-related threats and phishing attacks. Cybersecurity training creates clear communication channels and expectations for employees when they have security questions and opens up a clear channel of communication for employees to report security incidents (i.e. central email distros, a help desk, a designated Slack channel, etc.). When incorporated into the initiatives of your HR team, ongoing cybersecurity training for employees creates a culture where company security is consistently a top priority. 

5. Cybercrime is on the rise

As security measures become more advanced, cybercriminals are evolving. Business operations are increasingly dependent on technology creating new entryways for criminals. And with the rise of remote working, there are even more considerations to think about when protecting a decentralized workforce. 

So think of your team like the company’s neighborhood watch. When your organization prioritizes cybersecurity training for employees they can alert you to potential threats and vulnerabilities. Keeping a sharp eye out really can go a long way in preventing accidental errors from causing damage.

6. It saves your business money and time

The ongoing prevention of a cyber attack is a huge money and time saver. Handling company damages after a cyber attack is time-consuming and expensive. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86 million and has increased 12% over the past 5 years. Generally, the damage outweighs the cost of having a consistent training program. Having a security partner creates a collaborative defense that helps you stay on top of evolving threats.

7. The work is never complete

Unfortunately, the business of cybersecurity is constantly changing. As technology advances, so do pathways for security attacks. Keeping your team educated through ongoing cybersecurity training for employees is your best and most effective way to minimize active threats. Training allows for your team to stay current on your company’s unique vulnerabilities. Keeping track of risks is no easy task but when cybersecurity training for employees is a priority, it is much easier. 

Get your company ready for anything

If reading this has you convinced that cybersecurity needs to be top of mind, we can help. deepwatch offers collaborative vulnerability management services to help you identify your company’s specific vulnerabilities and security gaps. We offer a unique approach that allows clear visibility into your most threatening risks. We collaborate directly with your team to facilitate risk tracking, patching and remediating vulnerabilities through clearly defined metrics and strategy. 

Learn more about taking the next step toward building stronger cybersecurity by contacting us today.

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