Deepwatch Gives Back to its Employees and their Communities

By Jen Swensson

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Deepwatch serves our customers from a nationwide team that works primarily from home offices. As such, we have employees from Maine to Hawaii to Alaska. This configuration has been in place since our inception five years ago. It has served our customers and Deepwatch employees well during the global pandemic. We’ve made a concerted effort to support our employees, their families, and the local communities across the U.S. wherever they reside.

Our human resources team has developed several initiatives aligned with these objectives. And we continue to expand these with the help of our creative employees and leadership team. One example is the contribution of over $100,000 for meals with local restaurants for our employees and customers during April and May. Other examples and details of our employee and community support are outlined below.

Supporting Communities

We spend the bulk of our time on video calls and chat channels. We’re well accustomed to collaboration and remaining connected each week with our customers and internal company meetings and the occasional virtual social hour. Given the remote team aspect of our company, we’ve provided employees opportunities to give back via several unique programs.

Annual Company Kick-Off Community Service

Shriners Hospital for Children: Each year Deepwatch gathers in person during our company kick-off. This provides an opportunity for the entire team to provide support to the local community. This year we used our time together to build art and meal kits for 200 patients at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa, FL. Each kit also included a handwritten note from a Deepwatch team member with messages of encouragement and community.

Local Restaurant Meal Reimbursements

The sudden and abrupt slowdown has hurt many local small businesses across the U.S. The Deepwatch management team wanted to help and acted promptly to provide support to those impacted. Our leadership team funded weekly meals for our employees and customers from small local restaurants in their respective communities. With impact in almost every state, Deepwatch is offering this weekly program over 8 consecutive weeks during April and May. Each of our 200 employees and our customers has been offered $50 each week to purchase a meal from a local restaurant to help keep their doors open. This benefits our employees and their families and small businesses across many communities. Our employees have been sharing their meal choices with the team in Slack which offers a very exciting way to see the program in action and share a well-deserved meal together.

Supporting Employees

Wellness BINGO

Our internal nine-month contest encourages and rewards physical fitness, healthy eating, engagement, preventative care, volunteerism, and mindfulness. To accommodate the current ‘stay at home’ environment, we re-engineered all activities to ensure each could be accomplished at home.

Homeschool Resources

‘To support our working parents who are learning how to teach their children while working from home we have organized content including daily schedule samples, STEM, arts, music, and physical fitness.

Meeting Agendas

Providing pause during meetings to give parents time to refocus their children on their learning initiatives and a longer mid-day window to get a healthy lunch on the table reinforces the support for our working families.

Mindfulness Resources and Communications

To remind employees to take time for themselves and to ease their tensions and stressors we ensure our employees have access to free tools supporting stress reduction, sleep quality, and healthy social interactions.

Mental Health Tools

Similarly, to support employees and their dependents who are dealing with added anxiety, depression, and loneliness we provide webinars from mental health experts, free and confidential access to live therapy, and have a certified Mental Health First Aider on staff.

In Closing

We also publish weekly video announcements from the human resources team with spotlights on individual and company achievements, leadership tools, and resources available to them in support of their overall well-being.

These initiatives have been evolving since our first day in operation. We believe supporting employees, their families, and their local communities are one of our many responsibilities.


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