How Companies Address Top Security Challenges in 2022

By Ashley Hernandez, Product Marketing Manager

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Wes Mullins, Chief Technology Officer at Deepwatch got together with John Woods, Global CISO at RJ O’Brien to discuss what security leaders can do in 2022 to address top security challenges companies face. RJ O’Brien turned to Deepwatch for help on a number of security concerns including ransomware and the challenge of securing an expanding attack surface with limited resources. Mullins and Woods discussed Expanding Attack Surface, Limited Resources, Ransomware, and Vulnerability Management, all of which are challenges that businesses of all sizes face in today’s security landscape.

Woods also dove into the outcomes RJ O’Brien experienced after engaging with Deepwatch, and how Deepwatch feels like an extension of the RJ O’Brien team. Woods and Mullins discussed the undeniable value, cost savings, quick and easy deployment, and personal benefit that came from the MDR Essentials solution.

To listen to the whole conversation between Wes Mullins and John Woods, watch the full  How Companies Address Top Security Challenges in 2022 webinar here.

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